Tuesday, December 21, 2010

tragedy : R.I.P


I never expect this to happen,
never even the slightest thought on my mind,
I wouldn't want this to happen,
but this is all fated by Him~

Although i never like you,
afraid to touch or cuddle u,
it doesn't mean that I hate u,
but what i did to u,
would be one of my biggest regret~

I admitted i was tired that night,
I drove the car as usual,
just to go and fill my stomach,
when my friend came and tell me about u,
I lost my appetite though im very hungry~

When i went to that site,
ur body were already gone,
all that i found is the blood-stained floor,
i managed to find u with ur siblings.

What hurts me the most is,
when seeing ur mom licking all the blood,
looking clueless as if nothing is happening,
or maybe trying to find the culprit,

and to see ur siblings,
licking u as if they don't know what really happened,
they're too naive too understand,
making me feel more terrible!

This is my last piece of words for you,
I regret what happened with all my heart,
may ur family be protected always,
because accidents can happen,
and I already caused one~
may u rest in peace~


p/s : i did something very regretful, promised not to do it again~

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Aktif Semula??


It's almost been a year..
Dh lame giler ak tggalkn dunia blogging nie..
Maybe i'm not that good as a blog writer, but i amma good follower..
I've been thru all the kind of blog, yg cambez, yg bleh thn, yg x bez lgsg..
*yeah, i noe d latter one is mine* ;p

recently, we were instructed to make a blog for ppd module..
then suddenly i realised how much i missed blogging..
eventhough just typing and sharing my own crap,
the feeling is still great..
n blogging seems to be the 'in' thing rite now..
some of my fren have their own blogs,
even YONE also got her own blog.. ;p
so i decided to write again..
do support me frenz~ :)

That's all folk~

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 best memory~~


1stly, sori sbb lame sgt tggalkn blog nie..
byk sgt bnda jd..
n x taw nk post ap..

on 18th, my n my bros g vacation kt melaka..
d vacation was legendary~
mmg melaka bndaraye b'sejarah btol la..
ahahaha~~ (^-^)
antara bnda b'sjarah yg jd:
  • vacation nie ad 6 org bros (ak, syaz, fsal, ez, farouk, ejoy) n 2 org 'abe' (nab n yone)
  • driver (syaz) yg bwak Estima jd emo sbb pnat drive n x rest lgsg sjak blk dr indon ptg 2..
  • vacation nyaris cancel sbb syaz yg over emo ajk blk kg dier kt tampin, n9 n tdo kt umah nenek dier..
  • nsib baek dier bleh toler8 biler tringat 2 org abe kt hotel..
  • 1st time tdo kt surau sbb hotel kt mlake smua fullhouse.. huhuhu~~ lbey 30+ hotel g cari.. (T-T)
  • 2nd day bru dpt hotel, tp x ksah le.. tdo kt surau pun bez gak.. lol~
  • smua bros g bli topi koboi.. ahahaha~~ xder keja jln2 kt dataran pahlawan smpai kol 1pg..
  • a famosa resort yg crowded giler.. tp agk enjoy le rides dier.. pape pun, sunway lagoon lg bez~ (^-^)
  • lpas blk mlake, smpat lg g pyramid sbb nk mkn kt manhattan fish market~

shafiq, ejoy, faisal, nab, farouk, yone, syaz n ezreen
luv them all~

neway, dat's my most enjoyable moment of 2009..
can't wait 4 d next vacation..
till then,